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Discuss Need urgent help stuck in bootloop iphone 3gs!!! at the Redsn0w -; Hello everyone I had recently gotten an iPhone as a gift from a friend. The ...
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    Default Need urgent help stuck in bootloop iphone 3gs!!!

    Hello everyone I had recently gotten an iPhone as a gift from a friend. The iPhone was locked to Rogers and I needed to use it on the Fido network so I took it to a local shop downtown where they said they would unlock it for $35. I paid them the money and as it turns out they had jailbroken/unlocked it while telling me it would be a hardware unlock. 1 day after I had started to use the phone I plugged it into my computer and over night the phone restored itself erasing the jailbreak/unlock. I tried restoring it which I guess I wasn't supposed to do only made it worse. Over the past 3 days I've spent over 30 hours trying to fix this problem. The iPhone turns on goes to the apple logo, then after a while it goes into a circle loading screen and restarts. This is happening nonstop and to try and fix this I tried using programs to kick it out of this such as; iReb, redsn0w, Tiny Umbrella but nothing is working. I put it into DFU mode/recovery mode/restored and all that stuff. I was told to try and jailbreak this again by using redsn0w. So whenever I jailbreak it iOS 5 baseband 6.15 It jailbreaks it, restarts and does the same boot loop all over again. I also tried installing iPad baseband as well because I was told that it would fix it. I tried running as admin/changing compatibility of the redsn0w software but nothing is working. This whole problem started due to the shop that lied to me and stole my money. To fix this they would like another $35 which I do not want to give. Thank you


    EDIT I think i was wrong about it being iOS5. Because I just checked in Tiny Umbrella and it says that it is 4.1 with baseband 6.15 If this makes any difference.

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    Well, you've definitely tried a lot of stuff -- some of which you probably shouldn't have tried, unfortunately.

    At this point, since you've got the 06.15.00 baseband, you are probably going to have GPS issues, and in order to unlock on iOS 5.0.1 (the only iOS 5 you can go to now since Apple isn't signing 5.0.0 anymore, click the SHSH link in my signature and read up to find out why if you don't already know) you need to patch the CommCenter with Wortel's patch. This isn't an immeasurably difficult process, but it is VERY involved, and if you're new to iPhones and this sort of thing in general, it can be an extremely daunting seeming task. Because of this, I do NOT recommend attempting to upgrade to iOS 5.0.1.

    The other problem is that you are now in a bootloop running a version of iOS that you cannot restore unless you have SHSH files for them. I'm assuming that as you just got the phone from a friend, you're not certain whether or not the phone has any SHSH on file. I recommend you get TinyUmbrella and have it attempt to retrieve your SHSH files from both Apple and Cydia, so that you can get a full set of whatever may be out there for the device. If you do NOT have any 4.x SHSH, you're really in a bind as you will be unable to restore any iOS 4.x onto your device -- and you will likely need to do a complete restore in order to get the phone out of the bootloop it's in.

    Installing the iPad baseband has REALLY IMPACTED your ability to restore this device. I recommend you immediately read up on the documentation provided by the dev-team and also to read up on the documentation on how to successfully restore a phone with the iPad baseband -- you will never again be able to do a standard restore using iTunes.

    In any case, I can't really make any recommendations until I know what SHSH you have on file -- do the TinyUmbrella thing and let us know what SHSH you have.
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