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Discuss Leaving AT&T Question --Unlocking & pitfalls? at the Redsn0w -; I have a legit activated on AT&T original iphone on 3.1.3. I recently unlocked it ...
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    Default Leaving AT&T Question --Unlocking & pitfalls?

    I have a legit activated on AT&T original iphone on 3.1.3. I recently unlocked it with redsnow for an overseas vacation. I ran the unlock with my AT&T sim installed -- did this preserve the legit activation? My push notifications still seem to work when on AT&T.

    My AT&T contract expired long ago, and as old 2G iphones are now abandonware and, for good or ill, will probably never receive another software update, I'm thinking of quitting AT&T for good as it looks like I can save about $20/mo on t-mobile.

    If I deactivate my AT&T sim and replace it with a T-mobile sim, can I keep running things as if nothing has changed? (e.g,. using the current itunes settings, backups, etc.) If I try to sync with the tmobile sim, will it just work? Are there any pitfalls with this arrangement as things are currently set up (such as having to restore from backup in the future without an at&t sim?)


    Would it be better to restore/hacktivate/unlock using Pwnage, set everything up as a completely new phone, and manually set up all my old preferences, apps, etc. from scratch? Would I also have to install push doctor as well?


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    Feel free to deactivate your at&t sim card and use t-mobile, you will only loose activation when you restore, and even then, you can use your at&t sim card to activate (even tho it will be unactivated) and even if you lost the sim card, redsn0w will do it for you and you can use pushfix after that.

    Btw, redsn0w only jailbreaks, it's ultrasn0w who does the unlock, just to clarify...



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