Hi guys,

Iphone 2G, AT&T, upgraded by original 3.0 FW.
I wanted to jailbreak, unlock 3.0 and use a different carrier SIM. I followed the steps as provided in the iclarified post here. I followed each step as described and the update was successful, then applied the Redsnow 0.8 installed Cydia and unlock. This was also successful but when the Boot neuter 2.1 was loading it gave an error which was first to detect what was the error it was something like "Does not have the required..." and when restarted the phone booted but did not show the SIM and after sometime showed "no service" but the WI-Fi was on and working fine. I dunno what went wrong????

Can anybody in this world let me know how to resolve this?
Shall i downgrade to 2.2.1 version ??