Guys, if you could help in this one:

1. power button broken (doesnt respond when pressed)
2. iphone already unlocked by wasSIM, thats fine (i can make calls, etc.)
3. iphone is in recovery mode.
4. when I connect to itunes it says "itunes could not connect to this iphone because it is locked with a passcode".
5. tinyumbrella wont recognize my iphone.
6. tried iphone password remover (says: "QTMLClient.dll missing"), recboot (says: "QTMLClient.dll missing"), iREB.
7. tried Redsn0w DFU IPSW, but i cant use itunes (because of the locked passcode window) to restore the created file.
8. tried "Extras" -> "Even More" -> "Restore" -> "IPSW" (says: "sorry, the current version of redsn0w restores only to firmware 4.0 and higher."

As you guys can see I've tried a lot of things, i know you guys are smarter, please help me.

I just want to activate it, not unlock or jailbreak, thanks in advance.