HELP - my iphone after going from 2.2.1 to 3.0 and jailbreaking it i have this error it says that sync services cant load provider data reconnect or try later ALSO BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY after i connect to itunes my iphone shows up under devices as "iPhone" but no matter how many times i click on it int the devices dropdown i cannot get into the menu to set it up (such as email or the name that you can set it up with along with syncing music and vids) i have tried to use third party prgrams such as sharepod but it doesnt recognize any device which is odd because itunes does but does not allow any syncing as mentioned before hand

P.S 1
Also my iphone does work i can surf with wifi on it and take pictures

P.S 2
im running itunes 8.2.0 and windows vista and my iphone is not activated by any carrier so no SIM card

Kudos to anyone who solves this