I tried to QuickPwn 2 3G iPhones. Both hung at "Uploading Ramdisk" and soon gave an error saying something about the iPhone being in the wrong mode. Then phone was sent to Restore mode. Had an everlasting Unknown error 13 for both phones. Tried to create new account, reinstall, DFU/Restore modes etc but all failed. Restored them successfully with my laptop.

So had 2 unlocked phones but still not jailbroken. Had an sudden idea that maybe WinPwn was messing around so uninstalled it and tried again. Worked like a charm then. The reason I didnt use WinPwn at the beginning was because I prefer QuickPwn GUI to WinPwn GUI haha. Just a head's up before people try running QuickPwn on a computer that has WinPwn installed.