This may be a stupid question, sorry if its been asked a dozen times

I am wondering what the correct procedure is for fully backing up a 3G that has been quickpwn'd. My main priority is not losing my text history or my contacts, but if I could even keep my installed jailbroken apps it would be great.

The idea is that I am going to try taking this phone in to the apple store due to a cracked screen. I have heard they are pretty good about replacing these "once", and I want to make sure everything is safely backed up (and of course, the phone has apple firmware on it) just in case they like me enough to exchange the phone.

I have firmware 2.1 on the phone right now, and I have aptbackup installed. When I plug the phone in iTunes seems to take a backup of all of my contacts and music and everything, and aptbackup says it will back up my installed app list with this data.

Does this mean that once iTunes has sync'd my phone I am safe to do a full factory restore and I will be able to place all of my data on a replacement phone?

Thanks in advance!