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Discuss QuickPwn Prerelease Feedback Requested at the Quickpwn -; Hi all, So it's been some time since we released the QuickPwn betas and release ...
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    Default QuickPwn Prerelease Feedback Requested

    Hi all,

    So it's been some time since we released the QuickPwn betas and release candidates. My general feeling is that it's been working pretty well; the two major issues that I can see are the following:

    1. The instructions may be ambiguous. For one thing, you basically must keep holding and not release the home button until QuickPwn begins to upload the exploit WTF. Some people apparently release the buttons after each step and that leads to failure. Perhaps some sort of pictoral aid would be helpful with this aspect.

    2. Many people often make the mistake of selecting the wrong firmware or believing that you can upgrade the iPhone firmware with QuickPwn. This can be fixed be explicitly checking the firmware version of the iPhone before proceeding.

    These are the two fixes we plan to make, as well as making the ramdisk portion prettier and more verbose, for both aesthetic and troubleshooting reasons. We are also planning to make submitting troubleshooting information easier.

    I want to remind the community that the purpose of a beta release is to test the product and gather feedback for the improvement of it. I do not have the time to lurk on forums and collate all the feedback, but if someone could collect and summarize the general problems people have been having, bugs or other suggestions, and e-mail them to me at planetbeing at, that would be greatly appreciated. Please do not use this e-mail address to ask for general help or to ask an individual question, because I'll be forced to ignore it due to lack of time.

    We appreciate everyone's help in testing this product and I hope to hear some feedback from you guys soon.

    BTW, we do not plan to add user-specified boot-logos for poorlad's gui. We plan to keep user customization options to the bare minimum for it.
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