I captured this post from MuscleNerd on irc.
I want everyone to be aware that quickpwn.com ; yellowsn0w.net are SCAMS !!! . Please stay away and pass the words around.

<MuscleNerd> quickpwn isn't merely unsupported, they give bad advice. that guy owns both @quickpwn and @yellowsn0w twitter accounts and he actually tweeted out on @yellowsn0w that everyone should quickpwn 3.0beta1
<MuscleNerd> which of course fucks up anyone who actually would subscrigbe to @yellowsn0w
<`ATTNCK`> Thanks
<w1kedZ> wow that's fucked
<MuscleNerd> but he wanted the hits, users be damned
<w1kedZ> why didn't anyone tell me this before? =P
<humor> haven't you noticed the google ads on those sites?
<dtube> muscle did post on his twitter
<dtube> I'll try to get the words out ...
<w1kedZ> I follow his twitter, I honestly don't remember that =P
<humor> dtube: can't you do a post on hackint0sh?
<MuscleNerd> it's still there in his history
<dtube> doing it now
<MuscleNerd> oh and my history too
* bigmcq77 (bigmcq@ has joined #iphone
<humor> ok cool
* ranova (ranova@c-75-69-232-171.hsd1.ma.comcast.net) has joined #iphone
<`ATTNCK`> Twitter is currently down for maintenance.
<MuscleNerd> about a day later he finally sent a follow up on @yellowsn0w, "oops don't use quickpwn if you use yellowsn0w"
<humor> yes I think you have mentioned it plenty of times on your twitter MuscleNerd
<MuscleNerd> yeah
<`ATTNCK`> yellowsn0w.net is also fake
<MuscleNerd> yeah same guy
<`ATTNCK`> -_-"
<MuscleNerd> he's a vulture, oh well what can u do otehr than warn people