First of: I am new to this, so please excuse any mistakes.

I have a iPhone 2G which ran originally on Firmware 1.1.1
Since I unlocked and jailbroke it myself I thought it would be no problem to finally update it.

However. I always get stucked in Quickpwn when the phone is in DFU mode and the screen switches to "Quickpwn is about to run on your iPhone". Nothing happens any more. I cannot even close down Quickpwn and have to turn the computer (Mac) off.

Please help. I googled my problem and there seem to be 5 people in the whole www (including one on this forum) that had this problem and they all solved it by starting the whole process again. However, I did everything all over and over and over for more than 20 times now.

This is what I am doing:

(1) I restored the iphone in iTunes 8.0.1 to firmware 2.1
I did so with having iTunes do it automatically for itself and different times I enforced it by pressing option + restore and selecting the 2.1 firmware from my desktop.

(2) I close iTunes and kill iTunes helper via activity screen

(3) I start Quickpwn. It does what it does. I put it into DFU mode. It works, the screen is black. Then the Quickpwn screen changes to "Quickpwn is about to run on your iPhone" and that's it. No advance showing. Bar stays empty.