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Discuss [Problem] [Solved] iPhone doesn't works after hardare repair at the Quickpwn -; Edited : My mistake a I guess. There is a process to be followed after ...
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    Default [Problem] [Solved] iPhone doesn't works after hardare repair

    My mistake a I guess.
    There is a process to be followed after you replace a Coms board s/w wise which I did not follow.

    Original post:

    Ok on the move from 2.02 to 2.1 after quick pawn I lost my wifi and no calls in sleep mode.

    Then yesterday I replaced the coms board. Wifi working. Calls are answered in sleep mode. I was over the moon.

    Only problem was that after I installed the coms board. After booting up it showed me the Emergency call screen.

    So I ran quickpawn. Quick Pawn said I need to load the 2.2 firmware I pointed quick pawn to it and it went thru.

    My phone unlocked. Wifi Working. Calls answered in sleep mode I was over the moon with Joy.

    Handed over the phone to the Mrs. She asked for some music to be loaded. I hook up the phone and now Itunes give me an error saying cant comunicate with the device. Restore it to let itunes recognise it.
    Itunes is able to recognise that it is a Iphone. With the firmware. And with even the phone number. But nothing else shows.

    If I try to restore it in itunes. I get the 1601 error msg.
    Same laptop same itunes window I plug in my 3G and it works fine.

    Whats going on ?
    Also I keep geting a pop up saying this device was not made to work with iphone. Switch to aeroplane mode ? When nothing is connected to the phone ?

    Im really really depresed and pissed with quickpawn.
    WTF cant they release a windows version with the right s/w.
    Why do this to us non mac users.
    If you want us to pay for it Ill pay. Just release the s/w.
    Quickpawn has done enoughf damage to spoil my complete iphone trip.
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    quickpwn is fine for a LOT of people.

    Put the phone in DFU MODE
    Put firmware 2.2 OR 2.2.1 on it
    Use QuickPwn (mac or windows) to jailbreak & activate it.
    No need to select Unlock again.

    ps: I don't like your ranting and claiming quickpwn damage your phone. That's all.
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    i agree with dtube
    ...quickpwn couldnt have messed up ...use a proper guide
    iClarified - iPhone - How to Unlock/Jailbreak Your 2.x.x 2G iPhone Using QuickPwn (Windows)
    this is one of the best available....
    good luck...
    iphone 2g at 3.0 using unofficial sim
    changed commboard at 1.1.4



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