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Discuss [Problem] No Wi-Fi at the Quickpwn -; Originally Posted by wnjunkie well it was quickpwn. The solution is quite simple you dont ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wnjunkie View Post
    well it was quickpwn.

    The solution is quite simple you dont need to burn 5 days going all the way back and forth. From 1.1.4

    You just get hold of winpwn forget about what version you have on the phone.

    Run winpwn in expert mode (I dont think this really matters).
    I ran winpwn with the 2.0.02 firmware thats the last version it suports. Even though my phone had 2.1 on it from quickpwn.

    Let winpawn do its thing. It will reach a point where it says ready to load custom ipsw thru itunes.
    First time I restard it I got the USB cable with the conect to itunes.
    Just do a few headrests and it comes up working with your old firmware. And all your apps intact.
    Dont ask me how it worked but it did.
    Im now on day 3 with full wi-fi and no problems.

    Yeah they are doing a good job. but This problem should be recognized. Instead of blaming zipphone. Or keeping quiet on the issue.

    I was this close to placing an order for a new comboard for 150$
    But didnt cause my gut kept telling me it was a s/w issue.
    Glad to hear of your succes. Can you do a detailed write up on how you solved this problem. Thanks in advance.
    16 GB IPhone 1.1.3 OTB Ziphoned v2.4 BL 4.6
    Restored to 1.1.4 then used ILiberty+ with BL 3.9FB
    PWN'ed by Mac PWNAGE tool by IPhone Dev Team 1.1.4
    Upgraded to 2.1 with PWNAGE tool by Iphone DevTeam

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    Default Tried everything on thsi forum with no luck

    I tried the winpwn procedure but winpwn crashes everytime it get to uploading the custom ipsw. so I tried downgrading to 1.1.4 and the kiphone, no luck, tried restore again to stock 1.1.4 then iliberty+ but even in 1.1.4 the wifi does not detect any networks. When I tried bootneuter the phone hangs after it detects current settings, sometimes got the commcenter collision error as well. Phone is unlocked and I can get the carrier signal just no wifi networks (cannot detect).

    Any other suggestions?


    P.S. I unlocked and jail breaked 3 iphone using quickpwn but only this one iphone is acting up. the other 2 are working perfectly
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    i have a 2g iphone and used quickpwn 2.2 to unlock/jail break it. but after doing so, i have low signal wifi.I had to upgrade BB in order to have cell signal.
    In places that usually had wi-fi , there is no signal. Next to the router it works great .
    In 1.1.4 no problem at all , I saw a lot people downgrading. Is this the only solution ?

    Thanks in advance
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