Can some please help me.

I had used pawnage tool to jailbreak my 2g iphone about 6 months ago to the 2.1 software.

Last night i deleted all of the media and the phone would not boot - it was stuck on the pineapple screen.

I then updated the software to 2.2.1 and attempted to use the pawnage tool again however it will not work. Once the the pawnage tool attempts to put the phone into dui mode an error message appears stating that it detects an iphone but doesn't know what phone. This then prevents itunes launching the recovery screen.

I then have to attempt dui mode again. Then when choosing the custom update it states preparing iphone then it crashes statng 'could not update iphone unknown error'.

I have since been able to put the original 2.1 update back on however its is still locked and requires to be jail broken. I have tried the 2.1 custom update but again it crashes stating 'could not update iphone unknown error'

please help me to unlock my phone again, what am i doing wrong.

When trying to use the latest pawnage software (the one with the new logo) when i plug my phone in the program does not detect the phone and therefore does not auto test it and progress any further.

Please please help