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Discuss How to get completely clean unlock for 2G iPhone 2.2? at the Quickpwn -; Here is the software I am using: OS: Win XP Pro SP3 iTunes iPhone: ...
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    Default How to get completely clean unlock for 2G iPhone 2.2?

    Here is the software I am using:

    OS: Win XP Pro SP3
    iPhone: 2G 2.2
    QuickPwn: 2.2-1
    Bootloaders: BL-39.bin and BL-46.bin files to patch activation issue

    Here are the steps I followed:

    - Installed iTunes from scratch for the first time on machine
    - Upgraded iPhone to legitimate 2.2 FW using iTunes
    - Synched my iPhone and managed all Merging, account auth, etc...
    - Right clicked my iPhone in iTunes and performed a backup
    - Performed a Restore in iTunes to return my iPhone to original settings
    - Ran QuickPwn to jailbreak and unlock, no boot images
    - Pointed to original 2.2 FW update file from Apple
    - Ran through all steps successfully
    - Restored my backed up settings within iTunes
    - Put my foreign SIM in the phone and turned it on
    - Got the "Different SIM Detected" message
    - Put AT&T SIM in and it worked fine, including sync with iTunes
    - Used Cydia to install Open SSH and other tools to connect to iPhone via WinSCP
    - Found
    - Backed up /private/var/root/Library/Lockdown folder to PC and iPhone (Lockdown.orig)
    - Overwrote 3 files in Lockdown folder
    - Attempted to connect to iTunes with AT&T SIM and failed to connect due to improper response from device
    - Deleted activation folder within Lockdown folder and rebooted iPhone
    - Same problem
    - Rebooted iPhone with Foreign SIM
    - Phone worked properly, but still received same error with iTunes
    - Restored original Lockdown folder with WinSCP
    - Phone booted with foreign SIM needs activation but ignored by iTunes
    - Phone booted with AT&T SIM boots fine and now works with iTunes
    - Made two versions of Lockdown folder:
    - Lockdown.orig - contains all original files, including
    activation_records folder. This version works with AT&T SIM,
    and works with iTunes, but foreign SIM requires activation
    - Lockdown.unlocked - contains new version of lockdown files,
    and no activation_records folder. Both AT&T and foreign
    SIMs work properly, but neither will work with iTunes
    with iTunes reporting improper response from device
    - To work properly, I rename the Lockdown.orig folder to Lockdown
    and reboot the iPhone so I can sync to iTunes with AT&T SIM.
    When I want to work with both SIMs without caring about iTunes
    I rename the Lockdown.unlocked folder to Lockdown and reboot
    with either SIM for a working phone

    My questions/comments:

    - What am I missing to be able to simply have the phone be unlocked for both SIMs and also be able to sync with iTunes properly without having to continuously do this folder shuffle?

    - I am a technical person (application/enterprise programmer and architect, and I do work on Linux as well), although this is not my area of expertise per se. If you have advice that will have me perform detailed manual and technical steps, that is fine with me as long as I can understand what it is that I am doing.

    Thanks in advance

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    i think you should put in the Foreign sim .....

    restore to the 2.2 fw in itune (hold shift+ restore)
    open quickpwn
    when it asks you unlock jailbreak options click on UNLOCK feild
    the rest should be the regular steps
    see here

    btw: i dont see why you dint do this the first time..

    dont the at&t sims run on unlocked iphones ???, vodafone (indian official carrier) have no problems.
    iphone 2g at 3.0 using unofficial sim
    changed commboard at 1.1.4



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