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Discuss And yes, it's Cydia's fault... at the PwnageTool -; Here's an easier way to disable edge. And I have not pwned my new ...
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    Here's an easier way to disable edge.

    And I have not pwned my new 16gb black iPhone and it had problems otb with sluggish typing etc. NOTHING to do with cydia. My girlfriends pwned phone is the same, with cydia. I think these symptoms are slightly more random than OP claims.

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    I want to leave here my toughts.

    - I had a 1.1.2 OTB "ziphoned" to 1.1.3
    - I used Pwnage 2.0.1 to upgrade to 2.0
    - Installed Cydia/SSH and some repositories inside the ipsw (by Pwnage Advanced Options) and make a 1Gb partition.

    and i having "almost" no problems. I said almost because
    Cydia and other ORIGINAL APP from AppleStore "sometimes" crash... but never have to reboot the phone..never after a crash.. i enter again and always is ok.. (I installed more than 25 app from AppleStore paid/free and some from Cydia)
    But sometimes "crash" i think is normal.. the Installer crashs to me on 1.1.3.. if you dont want "crashs"....use only app from AppleStore.. (but they crash more than Cydia to me ! Lol!)

    The keyboard is sluggish..but i can use it for a while...
    no problem for me at all.. i not writing a BIBLE on iPhone..only emails..SMS..nothing that worried me

    I have the problem of VOLUME setting ( a little annoying but nothing too problematic..)

    I do not feel that battery is going too much faster.. I disable PUSH because i dont use it... But of couse..the battery drains MORE when i play monkeyball than when i played iCopter or iCave on 1.1.4 ( OF COURSE... all app now have much better graphics/sound/and so on that on previous Framework 1.x.x) What you think about that ?

    So , to resume.. my iPhone until now..dont have any problem that i can blame Cydia or Pwnage ... only the bugs from 2.0 that will be "cured" with 2.0.1
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