I made a custom firmware of 1.1.4 for my iPod touch and synced it and I had no problems that I could tell.

Until I tired to add a source in installer - the iPod totally froze - totally non-responsive in everyway. I had to hold sleep and home to reset it.

I thought maybe it was down to no wi-fi (as I was adding the source without wi-fi so I wouldnt have to do it later) So I tired to connect with wi-fi - and in the process of entering the password for the network it again froze.

It seems any text entry causes it to totally freeze up!

I restored to standard and jailbreaked normally (as I wanted to use the iPod!) but I am wondering if it was down to an error in the rebuild of the custom firmware OR some iPod bug in pwnage?

DevTeam? Any ideas? Thanks.