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Discuss [pwned tool] - Partition Size at the PwnageTool -; Guys, now we hv an option how to resize our hd, but what will be ...
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    Default [pwned tool] - Partition Size

    Guys, now we hv an option how to resize our hd, but what will be storage on it ? 3rd part apps from installer or cydia? just out backup we put by ssh ?


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    this is just an opinion... but I know alot of program on my legit mac 10.5 LEO install require certain apps or files to be on the ROOT partition.

    I am sure there are alot of things that are the same way...

    also, you can install alot of libraries, and other "dev" tools to your root partition...

    most people will probably be fine with the stock partition, but I personally never am going to use all 16 gigs of HD space on my media partition, so I made my root partition 1.5 gigs, leaving me with 13 gigs of media... enough space for me.

    this way I can put stuff on either partition and not really worry too much about space limitations.



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