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Discuss [PwnageTool2.2 mac]Error 21 when restoring on 2G at the PwnageTool -; I tried to update and re-unlock&jailbreak my iPhone 2G, which has been unlocked and jail-broken ...
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    Default [PwnageTool2.2 mac]Solved: Error 21 when restoring on 2G

    I tried to update and re-unlock&jailbreak my iPhone 2G, which has been unlocked and jail-broken on 1.0.2. I restored the stock firmware 2.2 using iTunes 8.0.2, and then ran PwnageTool 2.2 several times:

    * First time, simple mode, fail to enter DFU mode;
    * After restoring to stock firmware, using expert mode. PwnageTool showed that DFU mode had been successfully activited, but iTunes showed a un-recognized ipod error(21). Then tried to quit iTune and open again, same error. Un-plug and turn off iPhone, using simple restore mode, if select to restore the customized firmware, error 21 happens; select stock 2.2 version, succeeded to 2.2 unlocked.

    I am now considering the problem of error 21:

    * at first I was considering the possible conflicts between new version with the old "unlock/jailbreak" since I was told that some old methods on 1.0.2 had changed the baseband of the modem. I had thought whether I need to do a re-virg on my iphone;

    * due to the fact that only the stock 2.2 firmware can be successfully restored but not the customized one, I am just wondering whether iTunes tried to check the firmware when processing restore? Maybe I need to use a lower version of iTunes?

    I will try to keep this post updated. Feel free to let me know any of your suggestions. Wish me good luck!


    I tried on another Macbook pro, which is late 2007. After restoring to stock 2.2 firmware, do the steps as iclarified described. First time it failed with the same error code, but second time everything was OK.

    When I was testing the unlocked iPhone on its wireless, I found that it cannot connect to the wireless... I thought it was the "no signal" problem, so I did it again. Unfortunately, it was the same situation. However, when I wanted to use the wireless on my iPhone 3G(activated from ATT), I found that the wireless signal was gone... I tried on another wireless signal, everything was ok!

    Solution: try another machine, especially when you are using a mac!!! And also, make sure that your wireless is working when you want to make a test!!!
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