i searched the forum, but didnt found anything related.
i hacked a bunch of iPhones with pwnagetool.
i flashed the baseband to 4.6 and unlocked the baseband as well.
worked well with all of them but one.

it worked, i was able to make calls and all, but when i connected it to a macbook (C2D, os x), it froze over.
didnt restart, did nothing, i can restart it, i can go to recovery, i can load up new IPSW (originals as well as newly mades) but as soon as the springboard loads it freezes.

i was able to downgrade the bootloader to 3.9 "flashing bootloader successfull", but i stuck at flashing the baseband.

when i load ibooter, and check "radio readnvram" i get:
] radio readnvram
radio readnvram
Read 0 bytes from nvram in 5015275 usec.
Errors reading NVRAM (last block 0) -- cleaning up!
Radio NVRAM Entries:

and in order to launch swifi i do need the have SSH running, any other ideas?