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Discuss [PwnageTool] Battery life decrease at the PwnageTool -; OK guys, this is my tests and result. Hardware: - iphone 2G with 3.9BL. - ...
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    OK guys,
    this is my tests and result.

    - iphone 2G with 3.9BL.
    - running firmware 2.0 (pwnage tool app 2.0.0)
    - BL is neutered, BB unlocked
    - wifi is on, Edge is on (with tzones)
    - cydia installed, SSH installed (turn off daemon), and bunch of apps.
    - Phone is configured with gmail, yahoo mail. Fetch mode, manually

    - Exchange is configured (push)

    When exchange mail is turned on. Battery life is horrible.

    When exchange mail is turned off. Battery life is good. I normally have it off. When I want to sync to my exchange, I turn on mail manually then off when done.

    This is the result (battery at 52%). My conclusion, exchange mail is the problem

    This is where i turn off mail. Note: push setting is still ON.


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    same set up as above; the only change being "push" on. did a flash with bootneuter, just in case and now finished chargin. will wait for 24 hours and see.
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    Default firmware 2.0.2 --> horrible battery life

    I have a 2g iphone with the following setup:

    -pwned (using pwnageTool firmware 2.0.2
    -wifi 1:30 hour usage (surf the web, check mail, watch 15min youtube vids) then OFF
    -push OFF
    -mail (check manually)
    -edge OFF (using bossprefs toggle)
    -ssh OFF

    Literally everything is off... The gsm signal in my area is excellent. I can't see more than 2:40 hours of usage before the battery is gone. Standby max 20 hours.

    Back in 2.0.1 with the above setup i could see nearly 6(!) hours of usage and 2 n half days standby!
    I tried restore, repwn but in vain. Same horrible battery life.
    I installed back 2.0.1 firmware for a day now and battery life is fine again!

    Is there a known issue with firmware 2.0.2 or pwnage Going backwards isn't a convenient solution...

    P.S Forgot to mention bootloader=4.6 (since 1.1.4 time...)
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