I have an ziPhoned unlocked iPhone 1.1.4...I am having trouble understanding where to start in the instructions. These instructions were copied from the Pwnage Tool How To Guide...do I still need to WinPWN my iPhone if it is already unlocked with ZiPhone...if not where do i start in these steps? Can someone tell me exactly what I need to do..thanks.


This method is a combination of using winpwn and an already pwned 2.0 firmware from torrents.

How to jailbreak/unlock ORIGINAL iPhone ONLY!

Below are the step by step instructions, Windows users need to follow (if you are a Mac user, follow this link):

Step 1: Use WinPWN 1.0 To PWN Your 1.1.4 iPhone. You can download WinPWN from www.winpwn.com .

WinPWN will ask for an IPSW you should use the 1.1.4 IPSW. Download iPhone firmware 1.1.4 from this link.

Step 2: Install BootNeuter (Available Via Installer use the old 1.0 version it basically preps the phone).

Step 3: Run BootNeuter and have it Neuter your iPhone.

Step 4: Make sure your iTunes version is at 7.7.

Step 5: Grab a pre-created IPSW Made with PWNAGE 2.0 Mac. If you don't have one made you can grab one from the pirate bay: http://thepiratebay.org)

Search for iThor\'s iPhone 2.0 amd use that firmware to restore.

Step 6: In iTunes Shift+Click the Restore button and find your custom IPSW firmware file.

Step 7: Wait for the restore to complete. -- You should see bootneuter automatically come up.

This WILL jailbreak, unlock and activate your first generation iPhone.