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Discuss iTunes error 16xx has me completely stumped at the PwnageTool -; Hi all, What a couple of days this has been! I've been unlocking/jailbreaking iPhones since ...
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    Default iTunes error 16xx has me completely stumped

    Hi all,

    What a couple of days this has been! I've been unlocking/jailbreaking iPhones since the first model came out and i've rarely run into major problems...until today

    My wife has the original iPhone 8GB model. It was previously unlocked/jailbroken with PwnageTool (I believe it was running pre 3.0) and it had been working perfectly on T-Mobile under yesterday when my wife accidentally did a Reset on the phone (Erase all Settings and Content). After the reset her phone was stuck at the pineapple logo...

    I made a poor decision and I followed a tutorial which said to restore the phone to 3.1.3 via iTunes. After doing that, the phone was alive again but the phone kept showing the connect-to-itunes screen and iTunes said that it had an invalid carrier SIM card.

    I went to and I followed this tutorial to use PwnageTool 3.1.5 to create a custom 3.1.3 firmware:

    Hack that Phone - Unlocking the 1st generation iPhone

    However, after entering DFU mode on the phone (the screen is completely black, but DFU mode is confirmed by PwnageTool) I bring up iTunes and it just sits there at "waiting for ipod" and never fully detects the phone.

    I tried putting the phone into recovery mode instead (as some articles suggested) and this gets it recognized by iTunes, but when I tell it to restore with the custom firmware it just says "Restoring iPhone software" and the phone never leaves recovery mode. Then iTunes shows me one of the dreaded 16xx error messages.

    I tried iTunes on Windows to see if it would recognize my phone in proper DFU, and sure enough it does....but on attempting to restore using the custom firmware I still get a 16xx error message and a warning from windows about not using a USB 2.0 port (which I am and I have tried switching ports too). I believe both the Mac and Windows are using the latest iTunes 9.1.x

    I've tried 3.1.3 and 3.1.2 custom firmware. I've tried the trick of attempting to restore using the real 3.1.3 firmware and then pulling out the usb cable when the iphone shows the apple logo with progress bar and itunes says "waiting for iphone"...but that always gives me error 9 and subsequent attempts to reopen itunes and install the custom firmware still fail.

    I have tried using Redsn0w instead, but redsn0w just gets stuck on "waiting for reboot" after entering DFU mode...and i've tried the trick of just pulling out + re-attaching the USB cable with no success.

    What exactly are these error 16xx error messages caused by? I have seen a lot of posts with people having problems because of them, but I am not sure exactly what causes them or how to properly overcome them. It seems that I only receive them with custom firmware, because I can restore using original firmware no problem.

    There are so many solutions that people reference for this problem, but so far none of them have worked for me. Any help is greatly greatly appreciated!


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    YES!!!! Solved....phew.....

    Don't ask me why...but for some reason the Mac version of P0wnageTool and redsn0w were now working well with my phone in this condition. The solution? Windows version of redsn0w - it worked perfectly first time (I had restored the 2G phone to 3.1.3 via iTunes restore and then I fed the 3.1.2 IPSW to redsn0w). The Windows version of redsn0w did not get stuck at the "waiting for reboot" stage like the Mac did, and the jailbreak was 100% smooth. My unlock from before this whole mess was retained!!

    Thanks all, I hope this helps somebody...



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