It seems as if my Ipod is Dying which is sad cause it's not that old. I was on stock ios 5.1 after a last minute save from ios 5.01 untethered. Trouble restoring,w tinyumbrella on and on. I finally got it to do a stock update. Today after suffering maybe 10 random reboots after an interrupted sync event I got stuck in a boot loop.
Apple logo...wait wait.. swirly doo...wait wait White screen, rinse and repeat, ad infinitum. So I thought I'd try another restore save but down to 4.3.3 untethered.
I've reeached the stage where I get a snowflake and I'm feeling pretty darn good then wham, white screen, standard recovery mode. But it's not really in that mode, it just looks that way/

Here are my last three logs, I'm praying this is the correct place to post them and that someone can decipher what it is that's failing. Thanks in advance for any help,you may be willing to offer. I spent too much dosh on this little bugger to get less than a year out of it.

pastebin - Ipod Touch 4 restore error log - post number 2138712 Log73
had to skip this one as it's too large 25k Log72
pastebin - Ipod touc 4g restore log #3 - post number 2138725 Log71
pastebin - Ipod restore log #70 - post number 2138734 Log70