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Discuss iPhone doesn't wake up at the PwnageTool -; Gentlemen, I have a problem. One month ago I switched from 1.1.2 to 2.0.2 (WinPwn ...
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    Default iPhone doesn't wake up


    I have a problem. One month ago I switched from 1.1.2 to 2.0.2 (WinPwn 1.53 RC3) and everything went fine, I set it up as new phone and copied my old sms.db and so on back to it. After a week or something, there began a strange behavior: Sometimes my iPhone didn't wake up, only after pressing the power button TWICE. Then it woke up. This became a steady issue after a while. It also works, if I press the power button one time and then the home button. Seems like after a minute or so it goes to a deep sleep and then it wakes up a little bit after the first press and after the second click it really wakes. When I get a call, everything works fine, even if it is in this "deep sleep", it wakes up, rings and I can take the call. Additionally, my iTunes sometimes doesn't go into Coverflow, when I hold the iPhone in a vertical position.

    I now went to 2.1 (PwnageTool 2.1) and did a full restore, thought this would do the trick, and the problems were gone for a couple of hours. Then it came back. I then again did a DFU Restore to 2.1 (Official), then a Pwned it again, then restored to to 2.1 with Custom Pwned IPSW (in between I even deleted "All Settings and media and data"). Problem persists.

    Note that there is a similar problem with people who don't get calls when their phone is in deep sleep, mine is getting calls, but is not waking up by pressing the home button or the remote button, only with the powerbutton pressed twice or with an incoming call I manage to turn it on.

    I managed to improve this by renaming the file (which is what those people did whose phone didn't even ring when it was in deep sleep):

    \System\Library\SystemConfiguration\PowerManagemen t.bundle\ t to *.plist2

    Has anyone ever experienced this problem? Is my iPhone broken? I can read nowhere about this problem. What am I doing by renaming this file exactly? It will drain my battery, won't it?

    I would be really nice if someone could tell me what to do or hint me in the right direction. I don't know what to do else. Thanks.
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