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Discuss HELP! No Service/No Carrier issue after jailbreak - Factory unlocked 3G: 3.1.2 :( at the PwnageTool -; This happened to me a while back, tore out my hair wondering what was up ...
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    This happened to me a while back, tore out my hair wondering what was up (although it was not factory unlocked, it would never get past "no service"). What finally did the trick was putting it into airplane mode and out of that mode again. Try it.
    Otherwise try airplane mode, reboot, take it out of airplane mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cluster_Geek View Post
    Yes there are many ways to reset your phone to get service back but none worked for me. One of the main problems with the no service is due to your phone being jailbroken. Some of the cydia apps (or diffent stores) have bugs in them when you download it. If you are a AT&T person and you download something with T-Mobile or vice versa then it creates the famous NO SERVICE feature we all love. The other one that creates this feature is not sticking to your jailbroke firmware, if you use blacksn0w, blackra1n, limera1n, pwnage t00l, poison, or many other than do not download the others apps. For example, I use Limera1n as my jailbreak and i accidently downloaded ultrasn0w without realizing it and for a day i couldnt fix the no service feature when i tried everything, but when i went through my packages in cydia i saw ultrasn0w and immediately removed it then i didnt have the no service thing. I hope this helped someone out there who was in my shoes
    Unlock (ultrasn0w) is not required when you use a carrier locked iPhone on the carrier that the phone is locked to (in your case at&t)
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