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Discuss Help - bricked iPhone - or not??? at the PwnageTool -; Hi - sorry that this is a bit long, but I thought I'd get as ...
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    Default Help - bricked iPhone - or not???

    Hi - sorry that this is a bit long, but I thought I'd get as much info up as possible.

    I bought an iPhone 3G on Ebay as "stuck in recovery mode"... which it was.

    So I used iTunes to flash a stock 4.1 FW and got a 1015 error, then through various atempts I tried installing FW in DFU mode and got 3194 error.

    Then I used TinyUmbrella to get out of DFU mode - put it in recovery mode & reflashed 4.1 FW and got my 1015 error, so used TinyUmbrella to get out of recovery mode and voila - or so I thought...

    When I tried to jailbreak, I tried Redsn0W first and all seems OK - it got me past the activate screen. I then wanted to perform the jailbreak and this is when I realised that I have no WiFi and no service. The no service may just be because its not jailbroken, but the wifi has stumped me.

    I think that the previous owner must have updated the baseband and then flashed different FW on it and out of desperation sold (for a very good price ) on ebay.

    With that thought I started to look at the more intricate settings and so far can tell you that;

    Baseband = 06.15.00
    Carrier = O2 8.0
    FW = 4.1.0
    Model = MB489B
    Wifi - has no mac address
    Bluetooth - has mac address and turns on!!

    I thought that if I downgraded the baseband using Fuzzyband I might get some results, so I decided to try using Sn0wbreeze to create a custom IPSW to include Fuzzyband and perhaps Ultrasn0w to try and either complete the jailbreak &/or get wi-fi working.

    Unfortunately without Wifi getting the baseband downgraded is proving hard - I also have no idea what bootloader it has, or how to find out as I cant get a custom FW with apps to load

    I managed to find a deb file for fuzzyband (at least it says it is - called "fuzzyband_4.0.iphone.deb") and created a custom IPSW file - but when I try to reload using "shift restore" in iTunes it seems to go through the motion but sticks at a screen with the snowflake on it and the spinning wheel below and the PC just says restoring... eventually it threw up another error. Cant remember what error it was - definately one was a 6015 and I think on another attempt I got error 21 (??).

    Anyway - I reflashed the stock firmware and got past the activation screen - so now have a great iPod

    I am definately no expert and wanted to cut my teeth a little on this one as it is ages since I played with my own iPhone and I wanted to get up to speed a little.

    So any help greatly appreciated... BTW - PC is Windows 7 Enterprise x86 & I have tried to reset network settings!!

    Oh BTW - does anyone have thoughts of FW 4.1 or more on iPhone 3G? I have an identical model to above and I upgraded it to v4 years ago (also upgraded baseband) and it was so slow that I downgraded it to 3.1.2 (7D11) and the baseband is still 05.13.04 - when I upgraded there was no jailbreak for 5.13.04 - so it took me ages to get it working again and when I did I just left it alone
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