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Discuss HELLLLP! Please.... at the PwnageTool -; Ok, I just bought the Iphone 3GS this morning. I'm not sure on how to ...
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    Default HELLLLP! Please....

    Ok, I just bought the Iphone 3GS this morning. I'm not sure on how to do to much to it so i have a few questions. I want to jailbreak it but i've been told doing this voids any warranty plans. Is this true? Once the phone has been jail broke is there any way to convert it back to its regular settings were you can't tell it has been? What are some benefits to jailbreaking the phone? And lastly, Does your phone have to be Jail broke in order to get custom sms ringtones?
    Thanks to anyone/everyone who can answer these questions. And speaking in ways that I can actually understand would be GREATLY appreciated. Im not a complete idiot when it comes to this but definately not an "Iphone Genius!" Once again, thanks!!

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    Please search before posting -- these are pretty much the same questions everyone posts the first time they come here and haven't done any research, and we answer them a lot....

    Here's the answer, nevertheless:

    1) It's safe to jailbreak the phone as the only thing you need to do to restore back to factory condition is to restore the most current version of iOS onto the device directly from iTunes. It's worth mention that as a jailbreaker, the ONLY time you EVER want to do this is when you are about to return the phone to the store -- in most cases this makes your device unable to be jailbroken and unable to be unlocked -- so as a jailbreaker or unlocker, you don't ever want to do it unless you're about to return the phone to the store and absolutely need to ensure it's back to factory settings.
    2) There are MANY benefits to jailbreaking the device, not the least of which being that it opens you to an entire second marketplace of applications that have much higher levels of functionality than Apple provides in their software. It also allows you to run games or software that Apple has released but pulled from the marketplace, or apps that they have restricted due to their ability to emulate other machines (game emulators / ScummVM are good examples). Whether or not you specifically will see any benefit from jailbreaking has more to do with you than it does with the software that's out there, as it will be more based on your usage patterns and whether or not you want/need the functionality being provided.
    3) Yes, unfortunately the SMS ringtones are stock and unable to be changed on the iPhone unless you are jailbroken.
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