ok first off i apologize in advance, i searched the forums for some time but i just couldn't find something that would help me out.

here is my problem:

ive been trying to restore my phone back to locked mode(ihave at&t) but can not get itunes to recognize my phone ever since i got some springboard error the other day. it has really made my phone act funny, first it would not even let me browse the phone without shutting down, then after finally just leaving it on my charger but still saying its at 20% the home button bugs out and wont work sometimes. currently i can make calls, text, the works ect but just can't get itunes to recognize it. i tried doing everything DFU mode and recovery but it just wont work because when i shut the phone down the phone just restarts up back immediately showing the pineapple ect. id also like to add if this helps at all..the iphone has givin me the steve jobs cartoon and the sad phone face with numbers a couple times too.

i might just be a total noob that should of never hacked his phone, so if you can help cause these past 3 days with a iPhone that has a mind of its own has been so irritating!

thanks in advance.