Hello all,

I have a 2G, week 32, FW 2.1 that is jailbroken via qwickpawn and I THINK its unlocked with bootneuter via cydia. I need to sell it because my company gave me a BB.

Here is my issue: I ran bootneuter with my att SIM card in. Bootneuter ran correctly and is set to 3.6, "neuter" ON fakeblank "OFF" and "UNLOCK" ON but when I put in another SIM card it get the "different SIM detected" please connect to itunes...and the slide bar says "slide for emergency". I can make and receive phone calls from the emergency screen, but cant get past it. I have set all the bootneuter settings to off and flashed the bb and back to unlock "on" and neuter "on" but I still get the same message. Any hep with this will be appreciated. Thanks.