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Discuss [2.0] Baseband messed up; iPhone Message at the PwnageTool -; hey guys i dint even noe wat thread this problem wud fit under but i ...
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    Default [2.0] Baseband messed up; iPhone Message

    hey guys i dint even noe wat thread this problem wud fit under but i think this is probably the one that suits it the best
    so i pwned (mac) all the way to the 2.0beta 5A240d.. and i ran it succesfully for 2 days..
    then today i walked over to my fone to check my messages and the fone is frozen at the lock screen saying "Iphone cannot make or receive calls contact apple.. blah blah"
    then get this
    i reboot
    and its working FINE!!
    then 1 hr later.. the same thign happens.. ??? HELP

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    Dont have a clue what that could be, but I would say that this is a Beta so there will be loads of bugs. Its for developers to test on really. I am sure there is a thread telling you why you shouldnt use it somewhere on here.

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    Did you restore to unlocked 1.1.4 first before the beta?

    That message means the baseband is messed up. The best way to fix that permanently is to go back to 1.1.4 custom so it puts the 1.1.4 baseband back on the phone (if the beta is not using it already as I have no tried it so I don't know)!

    If the beta is using the 1.1.4 baseband then I would re-flash with BootNeuter in 1.1.4 - relock it and then let it flash and reboot then unlock it again!
    iPhone US 8GB
    FW 1.0.2--> iUnlock--> iPhoneSIMfree--> 1.1.1 --> 1.1.2--> Soft upgrade 1.1.3 --> 1.1.4 using
    iPhone UK 16GB
    FW 1.1.3 OOB --> 1.1.4 --> iPlus 1.2 unlocked!

    <----If I helped you out, rep points are always nice (thanks for that idea!)



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