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Discuss [1.1.4]Pwned upgrade to 2.0 - What does it change? at the PwnageTool -; This is more a question for those on the devteam! I have 2 normal iPhones ...
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    Question [1.1.4]Pwned upgrade to 2.0 - Bootloader still neutered?

    This is more a question for those on the devteam!

    I have 2 normal iPhones - both pwned at 1.1.4 and an iPhone 3G.

    I upgraded one of the pwned phones to 2.0 officially

    (any O2 SIM can now be activated in iTunes even those that are not on a iPhone contract!)

    I was wondering what the upgrade to 2.0 did to my originally pwned phone.

    I know it puts the first bootloader back to only accepting official Apple firmware and it upgrades the baseband relocking it but what happens to the neutered bootloader?

    Does it remain neutered so that when pwnage 2.0 comes out its simply a question of re-pwning the first bootloader and installing the custom firmware and reflashing the baseband to an unlocked state?
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    From what I gathered in all the original information... If you upgrade to an un-modified firmware (ie. downloaded directly from Apple), that un-Pwns your phone... When I read that, I thought it meant it undid everything that pwning did...

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    I'm not dev team but would like an opportunity to chime in. If that's ok with you.

    Once you put official un-modified fw on, the phone OS bootloader is not longer pwned.

    Once the BB bootloader is neutered, it remains neutered.

    I think once the patch point for the official 2.0 BB is documented, you can patch the BB yourself or you can update with a newer version of bootneuter to complete the unlock

    pwnage is a combination of pwning the OS bootloader and the bootneuter app to unlock the BB (and neuter the BB BL)

    So yes, i think when pwnage 2.0 is out, you run it on what you have now to pwned the OS loader, built custom 2.0 fw, write it back and bootneuter to unlock.
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