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uIMGz is a powerful, lightweight image uploader which is powered by jQuery uIMGz is fully created and coded by me, from scratch - it's not a pre-made image hosting script.

uIMGz has many features that all of them come to free users, other image uploading website would have some of these features by subscribing to a paid account when uIMGz does not have any type of subscription, so you can enjoy uIMGz for free!


  • Standard image uploading
  • Remote image uploading (maximum 15 at a time)
  • Image thumbnails
  • Choose thumbnail size (from 110px to 250px)
  • User accounts
  • Dynamic gallery
  • User albums - able to delete them too
  • Organize images into albums
  • Quick-look - click on an image in your gallery to view it's full size!
  • Quick-view your recent images on the home page
  • Upload images with an expiration time
  • Your own profile
  • You can now upload a ZIP of images to be extracted NEW
  • You can now download a full backup of your images in a ZIP file NEW

Image uploading works with jQuery, so you don't even see a page refresh when uploading images! Most pages don't require any page re-directions, only some of them do but mainly the pages appear on the fly including our powerful dynamic gallery which shows all of your images that you have uploaded so far.

The images you upload do not have any kind of bandwidth limit, your images also do not get deleted if it's popularity is very small or is an old image - they stay on your account unless you delete it (except the images can be deleted if the terms of service has been violated).

You can also choose to upload images with an expiration time which will mark your images to be expired when the expiration date as passed which will delete your image from uIMGz and your gallery, also you can choose an album where to upload your images to which then all of your images that you upload will be transferred to the album you have chosen.


Start your image uploading at uIMGz today at: