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Actually I was thinking the complete opposite. Aside from a few complaints on this page, none of the blogs that usually follow this stuff are writing up about it or voicing their opinions. I mean this could be seen as the collapse of a 'community'. It's no longer a community when you offer support (emotionally and financially) and have no choice in the end. Why should we still donate and consistently pat people on the backs and praise their work if they don't care about your opinion? Their decision might be the best one they've made; however they're simply taking the piss without asking those who've supported them about what they wanted.

I agree in part to what you are saying. Th epart that is turning people against the team IMHO, is the lack of response from them. I feel that those of us that donated to their cause are entitled to something more than what we have been given. I am older (41) than the average iphone modder and I come from the days when "hacking" was in it's infancy. We donated to sites that decrypted satilite tv cards and as you stated about the collapse of community, we did not have that. When there was an update that locked us out of free programming the dev teams worked to find out how to fix it and get it released back to the community that supported them. Yes, there were groups that charged for the latest fix and those fixes usually lasted longer than the public fixes. All in all the information was made public in one form or another as soon as it became available. However, the people that were doing this were
1. older
2. were not out for fame and fortune
3. respected the community
I do not see the same respect for the community. I am not saying that it is any particular sites fault rather it is community wide. IMHO, it relates to the age of the people involved. It is common knowledge that the kids of today are greedy and have little to no sense of respect for anything other than themselves. I am not lumping everyone under the age of 40 in that group. Just look around at the different forums and you will see what I am talking about. The lack of respect directed at the members is creating a non friendly community. I guess one could sum it all up by saying the youth of today are smart asses. I see it every time I log into a site. This site is one of the better sites in that they moderate members and the staff actually takes the time to do their job. I suspect that the staff is made up of older people. I look at the posts where people are demanding this and demanding that. Wrong way to get your point across. If you are not getting what you want from the people that are asking for donations then do not donate. Simple solution.. Complaining will get you flamed, banned etc. Speak with your money not your mouth. If you cut the head off the snake the body will die. If you agree with the dev teams holding back till this happens or that happens, fine, continue to donate and take what you get when you get it. If you do not agree with the way they are doing things stop donating. Go one step farther, create your own dev team, forum site and run it the way you think it should be run, relase your findings as you see fit and be happy. Either way the information will get out sooner or later. trust me when I say that the elite team and the dev team are not the only ones working on or smart enough to figure out how to unlock/jailbreak iphones. Take a look at the coder for hire sites. Plenty of people are working on this.
Have a nice day..