Didn't see this anywhere really, but if there is one the mods may feel free to delete this one.

Anyway on to my prediction, which i'll dedicate most to a new product, which may seem far fetched:

New Hardware:

"Today Apple reinvents paper"

-Ultraportable 12.1" (A4 size) Tablet
-No physiscal keyboard to speak of
-OS X mobile, but a more desktop like UI
-Devoid of any ports barring a few USB, possibly HDMI and iPod Connector (no ethernet)
-Charged using inductive methods
-Wireless Dock
-Audio via A2DP
-Largeish capacity either entirely flash, or flash/1.8" HDD combo.
-Pen for input (think usage as note taking to replace paper notebooks)
-WiMax for wireless syncing to base station.
-Basestation to include more ports, and posibly optical drive

Other things:
-A2DP to iphone (finally)
-16GB iphone
-Spec increase in existing mac lines
-Wifi syncing for Iphone/ipod touch.