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    Exclamation Kindergarten Time!

    My previous post was censored (for some reason which I don't understand, seeing as how this is a completely objective and fair forum), so I will reproduce it here in its entirety.

    In response to discussion about netkas and the state of OSx86:

    Oh, I'll agree that netkas is better than 99.9% of people in this community as far as technical know-how goes. If I count the most skilled people on one hand, he's definitely one of them. But still, I think his reputation has become a bit over-inflated, and his achievements a bit exaggerated.

    The "hello netkas" screenshot that's been floating around is the perfect example of this. What a surprise, he manages to get his name on the front page of Engadget, Gizmodo, etc. while the ones who actually did the dirty work on the compiler chain and reversing (like nightwatch) are left in the fine print.
    I've made many contributions to the community over the years: pioneering work back in the DTK days, dsmos/r2d2 (before it was "adopted" by some well-known others), EFI research, advanced SSE3 emulation and cpuid-related rewrites needed for Leopard, among much other low-level kernel work. But after more than two years, there are only a handful of people who've even heard about me. That's because (unlike netkas and some others) I don't have some blog with my name plastered around majestically. I don't elevate myself to some god-like status just because I can hack things.

    But you know what, it's taken me two full years to realize that this community isn't worth it. All this time, I seem to have been pursuing a vision and spirit that's been nothing more than an illusion within my mind. From the very beginning, it's been run by assholes with money and "power" in mind. There have been a few good people like rufus, semthex, omni, JaS, etc. who (disregarding sometimes questionable policies and decisions) have made this community viable. I've recently been presented with opportunities to rebuild the community the "right way", but I don't have any plans to pursue them, for both my sake and the sake of those involved.

    That's because there's something I hate even more than elitism, even more than shameless self-promotion, psycho-fascist attitudes, and endless squabbles over power, fame, and money. It's you, that's right, the very community in question. Everyone with the faintest sense of sanity or maturity has long since left the scene, and one thing upon which I'll agree with semthex is that the "scene" has become nothing more than a kindergarten. People who know me from IRC can attest that I have a poignant hatred of n00bery and morons, and there's certainly no shortage of such people around.

    All that said, I could probably stay on now and produce a more viable and clean-cut distribution for Leopard and beyond than anyone else currently involved with OSx86. But I see no reason, whatsoever. The people that I still have respect for in the scene can be counted on one hand. It's a fucking shame that I wasted as much summer as was the case, but hell, at least this has been some closure for me. A word to the wise (including sam, netkas, and friends): let OSx86 die.

    And please, just buy a fucking Mac.
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