18:11 apocolipse Deine mama fickt für busgeld und geht trotzdem zu fuß
18:12 *** asap18 joined #hackint0sh
18:12 *** tehbaut quit (Ping timeout)
18:12 tuxx apocolipse: what was that sentence about juden
18:13 apocolipse eh?
18:13 *** spartango joined #hackint0sh
18:13 mac7711 he don't know what he speak... just a kid
18:13 apocolipse ...
18:13 apocolipse beg your pardon
18:13 mac7711 i already ignored him
18:13 apocolipse !kick mac7711 you're a dbag anyway
18:14 *** mac7711 was kicked by apocolipse (german dbag)
Wow - what i nice channel there...
First he fucked at me because english is not my first spoken language (i wrote: "already post in the forum" ) and than he kicked me...

Maybe the hackintosh-team should take some care about the irc-op's...