So while surfing around looking for information on the progress of unlocking and general hacking of the iPhone a strange, possibly wild, thought occurred to me, and I thought that this board might be the best place to see what the community thought.

There has been a fair amount of speculation to Apple's recourse to any hacks that may transpire on the iPhone. Will they shut holes down with software updates, whether the hack involves unlocking or developing applications? Will AT&T force them to keep it locked down? I then remembered back to when Apple announced the switch to Intel processors and the sprint to get Windows XP up and running on these new machines. I remember there was little response from Apple in the way of fixing holes that made this possible, and then they released Boot Camp making such efforts, maybe not worthless, but certainly moot from a practical standpoint.

Perhaps Apple is doing the same with the iPhone. Wait until the community figures out how to do the things that Apple has locked them out of, then release tools for developers. Frankly reasoning behind this course of action escapes me. Perhaps saving face in front of AT&T, and being able to say "This is what the community wants...". Or perhaps the previous event was simple historical coincidence. But I would be interested to see if history repeated itself. Any thoughts?