Sry I'm on my iPhone at work rite now so dont have all the stats wit me but anyway I have a Dell inspiron 1525 wit 4g ram,intel 2.4ghz dual core pro, 320g hd, and I think my video card is an intel 965 chipset.

I've tried many installs but most just went black screen after reboot but one time after reboot my external monitor plugged in VGA had the osx wallpaper displayed on it but I couldn't do anything after that. I read on these forms that I should close my laptop till the battery light started pulsing but after a few hrs I realized it wasn't gonna happen. ps my Dell also has hdmi video out as well if that helps.

so I guess my question is.... is there a hackint0sh version that well work or would it have to be sumthin I would need to be custom made or there's no shot in hell lol

thanks for any help guys