This is for serious users only; not someone who is 'dabbling'.

A similarly equipped Mac Pro with 24" monitor would cost well over $4,500! I'm a professional photographer and this machine is amazing for photo editing and video editing. Has no issues handling the toughest of files (24mb RAW or AVCHD video).

If you've been thinking of moving to Mac but can't afford a $4,000 Mac Pro, this is the same thing at a fraction of the cost... and the best of both worlds since a genuine license of Vista64 is included.

Original purchase price of components was $3,642.30 (exluding efix dongle which was $250USD) with all top-of-the-line components used. Current replacement cost of components at newegg, ncix, amazon is $2,519 after tax - NOT including the EFI-X module and all of the hours required to get the system running perfectly. This is an amazing deal, and only being offered because I need a new Macbook Pro.

BenQ 24" Monitor (FP241W) - awesome monitor.
Intel Q6600 Quad Core CPU (BX80562Q6600)
Gigabyte mainboard with Efi-x (internal USB dongle that allows seamless mac osx)
8gb Patriot Extreme memory (PDC24G6400LLK) with Corsair memory fan (CMXAF1)
Diamond ATI 3870 video card 512mb (with upgraded dual orb fan)
Creative X-Fi sound card (not currently in use - using onboard audio)
Western Digital Raptor 150gb 10,000rpm Hard Drive
Seagate 1tb 7200 rpm Hard Drive
Samsung DVD drive
PC Power & Cooling Power Supply (S75QB)
Scythe 120mm fans
Coolermaster Cosmos case

Vista Home Premium 64-bit already freshly installed and updated on Raptor drive
Mac OSX 10.5.8 (most recent update before Snow Leopard) on 1tb drive with iLife '09, iWork '09, Microsoft Office, etc.

Microsoft Natural keyboard and mouse available if needed.