Hi. I'm new here and it's my first post.

I'd like you to help me with my XFX 790i mobo.
I've successfully run osx 10.6.2 (not tried to update) but there are some things that I can't get to run.
I'm running in 64bit kernel so kext load in 64bit too and I can't get any 64bit version the chipset kext. The applenforceata.kext only works in 32bit and I tried but I can't get OSX to fully boot up in 32 bit. Only in 64. Once I could and the chipset worked correctly.
In my hackintosh I've got 4HDD installed in. 3 depend from the chipset (which don't work right now) and the other is connected to jmicron sata chip included in the mainboard.
So I've got 3HDD that don't work and the DVD unit and BD that also don't. Also sleep doesn't work but that's not the most important problem I have.

I must admit that I've been using it for 5 moth right now and 0 kernel panic.

I hope someone can help me. Sorry for my english.