Hey Guys,
Im new here and am just speccing up suitable pc to run hackintosh on....

The spec currently stands at:
I7 950
Coolermaster Silent Pro 1000W
OCZ 240GB Vertex 2
2TB Hard drive
Patriot Viper 2 Sector 7 (12GB)
LiteOn iHBS112 12x BluRay-RW
Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 6870 (Must Support Dual Screens)
Creative X-Fi Titanium SoundBlaster 7.1

Having done a little digging myself, ive found drivers and support for
the motherboard

The processor seems to be natively supported according to the post with the motherboard...

Any ideas on whether the rest of it will work? (As i haven't purchased it yet, if necessary i can change components is their not going to work)

Any help would be much appreciated

And on a side note does overclocking need to be approved by the mac software, or is it the same as windows where its still done in the bios and so long as its stable all will be fine?