Hey guys, I'm new to posting on forums so bear with me... Usually I figure these things out on my own but this one has got me COMPLETELY stuck and it makes NO sense! Okay... here goes.. I gave up trying to build a hackintosh because my Nvidia GTX 660 was not supported at the time several months ago. A few days ago I thought to give it another try. I popped in the disc and booted up Unibeast installed Mountain Lion, took my graphics card out and hooked my HDMI up to the regular motherboard graphics as always. The NETWORK was working fine! In the customization, I clicked the Ethernet option and it installed ALL of the driver kexts. Not a single issue, it worked great. When going through the beginning Mac setup, it connected right to the internet and did not ask me if I wanted to connect manually. Once I booted up it worked good but I couldn't find a fix for my graphics card again, so I formatted my solid state drive and was going to put Ubuntu on there... After I did that, I just happened to run across for the fix for my graphics card so I reinstalled Mountain Lion the SAME exact way and all the sudden the Ethernet was not working this time. I booted up, checked network settings, it says Ethernet has failed. I tried all sort of kexts, erased and clean installed mountain lion over again about 6 times. It doesn't make any sense. I even tried factory resetting my router in case it was an IP conflict. Nothing worked. I even tried installing on one kext at a time. I just can't seem to get it to work and my UEFI doesn't seem to have any settings that limit LAN so I have no idea what changed after erasing and reformatting my SSD from the first install.. So no network settings, it does not allow me to add anything and claims all network devices including Ethernet "failed." When trying to install certain kexts through multibeast for ethernet, that fails installation too. If anyone has any ideas at what I could do for a fix.. I would really appreciate it. My computer stats are below.

Computer Manufacture Model IBP - NE751x


Graphics Card (currently removed so I can boot into mac before using graphics fix)
Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB

Intel Core i7 3770k(3.50GHz)

16GB DDR3 (4 cards at 4GB ea.)

Intel SSD 120GB (Primary drive for Mountain Lion, Journaled (whatever standard formatting is for Mac))
Hitachi 2TB HDD (disconnected for install)
Seagate 1.5TB (disconnected for install)