Hi. I finally managed to install iAtkos V7 on my HP 625 AMD-powered laptop and then updated it to Snow Leopard GM using some tutorial over at geeknizer.com.
The install of iAtkos went smooth with the noapic cpus=1 flags but the system would only boot with the cpus=1 flag even with Snow Leopard. Otherwise it would get stuck at IOAPIC: Version 0x21 Vectors different numbers:different numbers.

I found most of the kexts that are compatible with my hardware, but none that work with my network card, a Broadcom 4313. Since I've read that this card is mostly incompatible, I want to buy a network adapter for my laptop.

So, my questions would be:

1. If in the description of the usb adapter it is mentioned that it works with Mac, will it work with my hackintosh too?
2. Why will the system boot only with the cpus=1 flag? What does it mean?
3. After updating the system to Snow Leopard GM, can I update the OS easily with the software updater?