i am having a problem that a 5 year old would fix, but the cave man here is having huge problems.

I built my 10.6 hack with kakewalk usb method.
Upgraded to 10.6.4 using combo

Everything seems to work fine until the 2nd monitor lost its resolution.
now i get stuck on 1024x768x60

the only way to get the resolution to work is that I have to actually unplug the 1st monitor from the back of the computer and plug back in. This some how refreshes i dont know what that makes the 2 monitors to be recognized.

first monitor is 22 lcd 1680x1050x60
second is 19 1440x900x60
max res

i tried
nvenabler nvinject natit in s/l/e
via kext helper and kext utility to repair permissions.

i don't know how to edit .plist. files i never done it.

I think is something to do with this plist stuff. but I dont even know how to start. it s too complex.
but if I can get a way through I can figure it out.


mobo : Gigabyte ex58-ud5
i7 - 920
ge force 9800 gtx