I just installed SnoLeo using iATKOS S3 V2 on my Asus 630i. I used the Nforce drivers that came with the disk.

Everything went extremely well except:

It doesn't detect the IDE drive attached to it (which I'm fine with)
The replay gain was cranked up to full, making the sound heavily distorted (once I figured it out and turned it down, no problem, sounds great)

The ethernet connection resets every time I reboot. When it starts, I have no internet. I go into Network, and the ethernet says disconnected, and shows a new connection (ethernet 2) and says not configured. I then configure it, either static or DHCP. Reboot, and I'm back to a new configuration and I can't use the old one.

I know nothing about OSX (normally use Ubuntu), but it seems like it's re-recognizing the ethernet as a new piece of hardware every time it boots.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.