Hello all. About a year after I gave up in frustration on OSX86 stuff I decided to try it again. I installed 10.6.6i and it works perfectly - well almost. The only issue I have is with my NIC. I installed the rtl1000 kext and it recognizes it. The model, MAC address etc. The problem is that when I use DHCP settings it is assigned a generic "self assigned" IP. If I do a manual setup with a static IP etc, it shows that it is connected but it really isn't. It is not listed in my router as an attached device. It won't ping the router or any other device on the network. The NIC works fine under Windows so I know the cable is good. It's almost like a firewall is blocking it. Any ideas on what the issue could be? I appreciate any help. Other than this issue everything seems to work perfectly.


I tried one other thing. I plugged my Motorola SB5101 modem in with USB. It was recognized immediately but with the same results. Works perfectly in Windows 7. Now I'm stumped. Help?

Core2 Duo E7500

ATI Radeon HD 5670
Hazard 10.6.6i