Okay guys I successfully installed OSX iPC 10.5.6 on my PC and I have a number of things I need help doing.

HEre is my setup

EVGA 780i Motherboard
intel core 2 quad Q6600
500GB Maxtor HArd drive (for windows)
150GB Seagate hard drive (For Mac)
9800 GTX + Primary graphics card (liquid cooled)
8800GT Secondary graphics Card ( air cooled, soon to be liquid cooled)
Dual DVD burners

Here is what I want to happen
Fix the two erros I listed below
Dual boot Windows Vista and OSX
Upgrade OSX to Snow Leopard eventually
Upgrade to Windows 7 Eventually and keep the dual boot
Get Audio to Work
Get Networking to work
Get the graphics card (primary) to work 100%
get the 8800 GT to work (for dual screens)
Purchase and install Final Cut Pro and work on my film editing for school (I can do this on my own XD)

Currently When I try to boot to the OSX hard drive I get an error stating a file is missing. (system config fils com.apple.boot.S/Library/PReferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.Boot.plist' not found) I can boot when I put the install CD in the drive and type rd=disk1s2
Then it boots fine. How do I fix this?

I tried editing the EFI string table using OSX86 tools to make a fully working graphics card and networking, but I get an error stating it cannot access some .plist file (seems to be the same one as above) How do i fix this?

Also, if I upgrade to snow leopard (retail) will I be able to save all my kext's that I install under leopard?

IF any one can tackle the booting issue and/or the plist issue I believe I can figure the rest out on my own. Thanks in advance!