Hey guys, hope you help me out. My spec is as follows:

1. MSI Eclipse SLI motherboard + Intel i7 920 Cpu
3. 3x2(GB) DDR3 1600 ram
4. 1T WD Black Hard Disc x 2
5. Coolmaster Tower with 600W Power Supply
6. The sound card is a sound blaster which comes together with the eclipse

I installed Snow Leopard using the Empire EFI for i7. Everything works fine but i am wondering if i have the correct drivers to take full advantage of my system. In Snow's preferences it says i have a mac mini with an 2,77Ghz processor (is this normal?). Also which wireless wifi usb sticks work best? I have a D-Link, will that do? One last thing: Which internal firewire card should i buy that is compatible?

All the best,