Okay guys,

I know im a noob here, but I am very smart with computers and electronics. I just got my Hackintosh working the other day and I think I will be a valued member of this community.

anyway, I got a clean install of Leopard and everything is working except wifi because I have an intel 5100 card. the only thing is that when I drag a windows or scroll in a window, the monitor does not refresh the contents of the window, i just get a bunch of outlines on my desktop. the genie effect and videos are not affected, nor is the mouse or anything. It has to be a software issue because I noticed I can fix this simply by going into spaces, and back to the current desktop (just hitting f8 twice). after i do that, any open windows can be dragged and scrolled just fine, but if i open a new window, it cannot and I have to do the spaces thing again.

in the display properties, my monitor refresh rate is at 0 and I cant change it (or the resolution) which is very weird because it is a VERY hd monitor, above and beyond 1080p

I am using a nVidia GeForce 9300m GS video card. the computer is an HP Pavilion dv3510nr. I used iAtkos v7 to install. I will try to get a video up very soon. thanks for your help!