Hi, Ive ben trying to boot iDeneb 10.5.8 lite but I've been running into some problems. I can install it fine and boot it from Chameleon 2.0 Dual Boot with Windows 7) But once the Grey screen with the shiny silver apple logo appears, nothing happens Kexts that I use:
Boot loader: Chameleon 2.0

Kernel: 9.8.0 Kernel Vanilla ( I have an Intel Core 2 duo processor)

iDeneb Essential Patches: ACPI Fix (Im pretty sure my motherboard doesn't have ACPI, so I used this, my motherboard is an ASRock 4Core1333-Viiv with Intel® P965 + ICH8DH Chipsets. However the ASRock site did say "ACPI 1.1 Compliance Wake Up Events" in the BIOS Section)

AppleSMBIOS: I Didn't know which one to use so I didn't pick one. (I have an AMI BIOS thata apparently has "SMBIOS 2.3.1 Support")

Fix: I didn't select one ut should i select CPUs= 1_Fix ?

Audio Driver: AppleAzaliaStudio

Chipset Driver: ICHx Fixed

Network: I Didn't know what drier to use, I have an Intel(R) 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection Adapter.

Video Card Driver: I have tried NVKush and NVDarwin Inject 1024MB but I don't know what to use (I have a GeForce8600GT 1024MB) And thats it.

I have checked the Wiki but I'm still not sure :/ perhpas someone could help me out?

Thanks, tortoman